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Introduction to the Updated Edition

When the Qatar Business Directory was published in 1997, I was convinced that it would be around for a long time. Thirteen years later I still believe it will be around for long time. The principles, procedures and techniques are that it had stood the test of time during these years and is still standing the test of time. Integrity principles will always be in vogue and it has always been my privilege to share the platform with my staff and learn from them what the users of our publications prefer. On trying to do best we have made copious notes, incorporated changes and today we feel honoured to state that the Qatar Business Directory published by Middle East Information and Publications WLL was the first of its kind in Qatar. I am going to be bold enough to suggest that it has taken us 14 years to accumulate this information and several thousand hours to assemble and put the information into what we believe is the most effective tool to all companies doing business here in Qatar.

I also suggest companies having a sales force that if you refer to your directory you are going to realize that it is analogous to the fisherman's lure. The Business Directory is updated every year to help you find your own customer and in such a way that the customer realizes you have merchandize or services that he needs. I encourage sales people to understand that once this book is referred to, you will begin to get the full gist of it. It is not something you want to preserve, it is something you want to use and "wear out" with use. Remember when you use the Qatar Business Directory you are investing time, not spending it.


No list of thank-yous would be complete without the help and support of our customers and I ask you for your evaluations, suggestions, addition as well as correction to our future publications.

A special thank you goes to various ministries who helped make our job easier.

If you are even casually familiar with me, you undoubtedly know that I never undertake any major project without knowledge, support and enthusiastic help of the management and staff of Middle East Information & Publications WLL. My double thanks extends to all of you.

And to all the users of our publication I also want to thank you and for sure you would benefit from this updated edition.


Alec Soares

General Manager

Middle East Information & Publications W.L.L.